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The Municipal Movement Brookfield 21.3

Good evening! I hope everyone had a great weekend with family and friends, doing something you love. This week in review, has been a busy one. I have submitted all paperwork necessary to be on the ballot this fall as an independent. I truly thank everyone who was part of this process and for going out of their way to support me. This is just one of many obstacles I'm sure, but as they say.. the obstacle is the way. We attended a few events this week, the first being the " The First Annual National Night Out" organized by the Brookfield Police Department. This event had a great turnout, cornhole tournaments, food trucks and raised money for CT Special Olympics. Side note, we need to practice our cornhole! On Friday we stopped at the Concert at Town Hall which was 60's theme. We dropped off some healthy snacks to benefit Brookfield and Bethel Social Services.

As far as local policy goes. The Board of Selectmen in Brookfield this past week voted down the proposed cell tower to be built on town land over on 93 Grey’s Bridge road. In my opinion this side of town 100% needs upgraded infrastructure and cell service for personal, professional and public safety needs. It’s 2021 and we can’t make a phone call or text on Federal rd. Our emergency services are behind the tower being placed here. The main complaint from the Board of Selectmen seems to be the terms of the lease that was submitted by Homeland Towers and I agree, these terms are not a win for Brookfield. But this lease can be negotiated to lessen the term length and increase the $$ generated in revenue for Brookfield. And this can be a win win for all. I imagine Homeland Towers now finds a private company or private person to lease land from in the near future for this tower. Our town seems to certainly enjoy spending money but not making any when opportunities present themselves.

Shout out to the Brookfield Buzz for their awesome performance this week down in Florida. Great job girls!

Have a great week, I will be at a few upcoming events this week and in the weeks to come.

Yours in Strength,

Austin Monteiro

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