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The Municipal Movement

Welcome to the first post in our weekly local newsletter dedicated to the ongoings in our community of Brookfield, Conn. In this blog we will be highlighting what is going on in town in regards to thought policy, events, public health and choice, as well as, campaign buzz. The goal is to help be a source of education for

our community on what is going on in our town and schools, so that we can create a bigger conversation locally, no matter where you stand.

This past Wednesday July 21st. a large group of parents and community members, including myself, attended the Board of Education meeting at Brookfield HS. Our attendance was to give the community a chance to speak and voice our concerns over school reopening plans and the unknown requirement of mask mandates for our children. During this meeting, a large number of community members took the role as lead

ers in standing up for our youth and having their individual voices heard. This is not an easy task in my opinion for most. I was truly inspired by their words, knowledge and passion. Our community is definitely speaking loudly.

With the start of school rapidly approaching people need answers. There is still no guidance or decision making from the governor's office which leaves our school board and community in a very challenging position. With Lamont's executive powers just being extended, whenever he makes a decision, that is law. This

is why the voice of our community is more important now than ever.

My first concern regarding this policy is the long term effects of our children- going through another year of mask mandates, possibly going remote - they cannot endure this any longer. The long term effects medically, socially and mentally will be great. In my opinion, it will affect not only our community but society at large in a negative way. My second concern, is that when and if this decision goes to the municipal level of our government, that we have the right leaders in place to make the hard decisions.

My decision on this topic is a common sense decision to make. People should have the freedom to choose what's best for their child based on the individual and have sovereignty over their children's health. Please always reach out with any comments, questions or concerns and let's keep this conversation growing.

Strength in Community,

Austin Monteiro

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