"I come from proud a family that has been involved within our great community for for as long as I can remember. I want to work for you. It's my belief that we need new eyes and ears in our leadership roles here in Brookfield, Conn. Currently we have people in seats of authority but not LEADERS. The time is now for that change. Together we can  make Brookfield the best town in CT, we can improve our schools and curriculum,  make real public health a top priority, balance our budget and attract more investors to town and take care of this blight issues and the four corners once and for all. With nearly two decades of real world entrepreneurship and business ownership and high level coaching experience and commercial real estate sales, I know what it takes to find solutions, navigate the complicated governmental agencies, and get things done."
Zoning/ 4 Corners 

The Four Corners has been a project that has been ongoing for far too long. Our goal and objective is to finish this project and make our Four Corners area a desirable family oriented experience. We need to finish this project the right way by filling what commercial space is open and by filling this space with the right businesses that will allow the current business to thrive. My  commercial realtor experience and community ties will be a major asset in finishing theses projects.  




I am a big supporter of Freedom across the board. The recent mask mandate for local business only hurts our small business, I have run polls that show this to be the case, if I am elected I will lift the mask mandate if it is still in place and I promise to never force any medical mandates on any person or business.


Fiscal Fitness

We need to do a better job of managing our budget, our town budget was up last year, the same year that an property assessment took place, and our mill rate is now at 29.65 which is a 1.76% tax increase, we also voted to give basically each town employee a raise. I find this irresponsible, especially during COVID times and I will be giving back to the town treasury the  $15k raise that the First Selectman is getting.


Marijuana (Locally)
This will be an interesting decision, we have run polling and the numbers are close. There are pros and cons to this decision either way. We need to make this a community decision.

Free Enterprise

I will do all I can to support and promote our local small businesses and make Brookfield a more attractive place for them to do business. And help clear out as much bureaucracy as possible for the small business owner to succeed.