Meet Austin 

We are for the People not the Party. We believe in the Strength of our Community .
We believe in the right leaders for the right time are more important than the wrong leaders for a long time.This is the right time.

I am here to honorably SERVE & help make a difference in a positive manner within our community and inspire others to be inspired to do great things by our actions and to be the voice of those in our community unable to speak up for what they believe in, to keep the moral fabric and culture of our community and country from crumbling, I am here to bring strong leadership with a new voice, new energy, new eyes, new ideas and perspective to our community. I am here to bring real world leadership, common sense leadership and resilient leadership to our community from the lens of a business owner, entrepreneur and high level professional coach. This is the right time for the right leaders to emerge in Brookfield. Thank you all and I look forward to meeting as many in this community as possible and earning your confidence

Austin Monteiro

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