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Austin Monteiro

for First Selectman
Leadership~Passion ~Service 

Strength in Community


We are looking for a street team to make real change in leadership in Brookfield, Conn


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Strength in Community

This is a time when new leaders need to emerge. Join our campaign.


July 20, 2021

Monteiro announces run for First Selectman of Brookfield, Conn. as an Independent.


Austin Monteiro of Brookfield , CT is running for First Selectman. Austin's platform focuses on personal freedoms, free enterprise, a balanced budget, low taxes, making Brookfield more attractive to investors and improving our schools in all facets.  Austin's professional experiences  will bring common sense leadership, new eyes, new ears and new perspectives to our local government. He will be a strong voice for the community  for those unable to voice their concerns.  This is the right time for new leaders to emerge OR we will continue to have the wrong leaders for a LONGER time! Thank you to all who have helped get to this point. Austin looks forward to meeting more of the great people of our community, interacting with you and hearing your concerns.  His goal is to EARN your confidence for the November 2nd election. 

August 3, 2021

Our Weekly Update- "The Municipal Movement"

As we roll into August with summer nearing its end and with the start of school right around the corner we have a lot going on. This past week the Brookfield Board of Education released its reopening plan for the 2021-2022 school year. Attached here

A quick overview of the plan states that our children will be wearing masks as of now, since Governor Lamont has pushed his decision on this back another two weeks. There will also be no remote learning for Brookfield schools for this upcoming school year, as of now. We know there is some concern with aspects of the curriculum from parents in the community. We need some more transparency and information about what it entails so we can have open conversation about this topic.

As far as the campaign buzz goes both major parties announced their candidates for this November's Municipal elections and we are running for First Selectman as a strong Independent, with an open mind. We are ready to bring a new energy and strong leadership to this town. We have begun canvasing the community, going door to door and speaking with members of our community to see what is on their mind. We always welcome the community reaching out with feedback and questions. Our position is all about authenticity and transparency.

This week we will be attending the Brookfield Police Departments First Annual National night out. We will be participating in the charity cornhole tournament, that benefits the CT Special Olympics. Come by and say "hi" to Team Independence. It is on Tuesday August 3 from 6-8:30 at Town Hall. There will be food, music and adult beverages.


Strength in Community,

Austin Monteiro

Candidate for First Selectman 2021


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